Specializing in Large and Fancy Colored Diamonds

About Us

group shotRaiman Rocks is in a class of its own, far above the typical jeweler or engagement ring store -we are what is known as a ‘Diamond Concierge’. From our private diamond salon in Calabasas, California, we provide clients with the finest diamonds for the lowest insider pricing, and also structure and manage diamond-based investments for the discerning high-net-worth investor. Raiman Rocks caters to the most discriminating clients on a discreet, appointment-only basis, establishing long-term relationships and operating with the highest levels of integrity and personalized service. We provide our clients diamonds and diamond jewelry of any size, shape and design, from high end engagement rings to milestone celebration diamonds. We also buy, upgrade and appraise. Every diamond offered by Raiman Rocks is scrutinized at each stage of production with a perfectionist’s attention to the smallest detail.

How We Work

After a private consultation, we will help you crystallize your vision, and then, within as little as 48 hours, we will have the finest large diamonds brought in from all corners of the world for your review and selection. At an ordinary jeweler, your choices are limited to what the store happens to have on hand in its display case. At Raiman Rocks, you are limited only by your imagination. High end diamond rings and other jewelery are never unattainable at Raiman Rocks.

Our Prices

Our prices are the most competitive you will find anywhere. We believe diamonds are commodities and should be priced as such, with a close eye on fluctuating world markets. This pricing model ensures that our customer will always be getting a fair market price without the padding that most other jewelers charge. We dare you to compare our prices to any other diamond outlet prior to your final decision.

Raiman Rocks was founded and managed by Master Gemologist Gall R. Raiman. Mr. Raiman is a diamond expert and member in good standing of the Diamond Club West Coast and World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

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