Specializing in Large and Fancy Colored Diamonds

About Us

Gall Raiman and the Raiman Rocks Team

At Raiman Rocks, we have several core values that absolutely guide our day to day operations and are the foundation of our company’s philosophy. By maintaining these fundamental values, we take pride in how we conduct ourselves in the world both personally as individuals and cohesively as a company.



FLAWLESS INTEGRITY – Our business is relationships cultivated and we are proud to have long lasting relationship with our loyal customers who trust us to be reliable time and time again delivering outstanding service and value to them.

EXPERT KNOWLEDGE – With 25 years of knowledge in the diamond market our experts provide excellent educated assessments and evaluations for our customers. Our promise is to provide our clients with an unparalleled depth and breadth of accumulated understanding of the diamond business.

UNCOMPROMISED VALUE – Being a leader in the wholesale diamond trade market we are connected to a large network of unmatched resources that enable us to buy and sell our products in such prices that maximize our clients profit potential.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE – We believe in old fashion customer service. We value each client and each deal and always give our utmost time and attention to every request. Bigger is not necessary better, and we take pride in the fact that once new clients do business with us, they always return. We are here to serve you.

At Raiman Rocks, we are your wholesale partners specializing in Rare, Large Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds.