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Proposal Do’s

Engagement Ring Tips

Selecting the perfect engagement ring for the person you love is no easy feat. There are several things to keep in mind before choosing the ring you’ll propose with.

Pay close attention to the hints your fiancée-to-be drops, even when she doesn’t intend to. What style of jewelry does she wear on a daily basis? Which metals and stones does she prefer? An average sleuth can pick up these clues easily enough. Now come the more difficult details – what sort of stone cut does she like? Which setting? Would she like multiple stones, or a solitaire? If you catch her looking at pictures or complimenting a friend’s ring, take note. Of course, you can always ask her directly what sort of ring she’d love to have. The element of complete surprise might be lost, but you’ll know exactly what to look for. If you need advice on figuring out all the details, we can give you some insider tips from the people behind the curtain.

Crafting a proposal takes time. We know that not everyone has a wellspring of creative romantic ideas at their disposal, so we’re happy to offer a number of suggestions to help you in your plans.

The first step to plotting a proposal is to know yourself and your love well enough to construct something unique and meaningful for you both. If you’re having trouble thinking of an appropriately memorable proposal, we’re here to guide your way. From selecting the ring to the big moment itself, we’ll help you in your quest to create a memory to last a lifetime.

A few things to consider as you begin planning:

  • Does she enjoy large public displays of love, or is she more private?
  • What is something she’s always wanted to do?
  • What does she most appreciate – words or actions?
  • What are her hobbies? What’s important to her?
  • Where did you meet? What was your first date like?
  • When you close your eyes and think of things that remind you of her, what do you see?
  • Is she traditional or more modern?

When you come in to see us, consider these questions and allow us to be a part of making your perfect moment a reality.


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