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High End Diamonds


High end diamonds and large diamonds are everyone’s best friend. High end diamonds give a sense of style and elegance. Whether they are in the form of a pendant or a ring, high end diamonds are brilliant to look at and wear. Large diamonds shine with grace and are great statement pieces and everyone admires beautiful large diamonds.

Raiman Rocks is known as the “Diamond Concierge” of Southern California. We are a discreet, appointment only jeweler. Our diamond experts are here to offer our clients quality high end diamonds and large diamonds. We meet with all of our clients for an initial consultation to get a feel for what their tastes are and what type of pieces they are looking for. We will then proceed to bring you the finest diamonds for your review and selection. At an ordinary jeweler your choices are often limited, but at Raiman Rocks we are dedicated to being able to offer our clients a wide range and variety of luxurious diamonds. In addition to offering the finest diamonds around, we also offer competitive prices that will be sure to meet your needs.

Raiman Rocks was founded by Gall R. Raiman who is a Master Gemologist. Mr. Raiman is an expert when it comes to diamonds, ensuring that our clients are always receiving the best products and services available. Contact Raiman Rocks today to schedule your consultation.


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