Specializing in Large and Fancy Colored Diamonds

Investment Diamonds

Raiman Rocks is a leader in the sales and management of diamonds for investment purposes. Their signature collection of investment grade diamonds, Raiman Rocks Investment Diamonds (RRIDs), represent a uniquely powerful diversification option for the innovative high-net-worth investor.

Here are 5 key facts about RRIDs:

LOW RISK, HIGH SECURITY – RRIDs are carefully hand-selected by Raiman Rocks based on a unique set of attributes that qualify them as being Raiman Rocks investment grade diamonds. This limited and highly-elite class of diamonds has not gone down in value for over 25 years and includes both high quality colorless diamonds and natural fancy colored diamonds.

AGGRESSIVE GROWTH POTENTIAL – Despite this historically-evidenced low risk, gains to investors for the first 6 months of 2008 alone were in excess of 37%. Since 2002 gains exceed 218%.

HIGH LIQUIDITY – RRID’s offer a high degree of liquidity: Investments can usually be flipped within 30 days of sell-order if the investor wishes to exit.

TANGIBLE ASSET– Risk is further mitigated by the fact that investors take physical possession of GIA certified and IGI appraised diamonds, which they keep in their own safe deposit box. In uncertain times, many investors appreciate the security of having the ability to carry and access their assets vs. an intangible stock. Diamonds are insurable and can be easily transported and sold anywhere in the world, if need be.

FULL SERVICE INVESTMENT – Raiman Rocks provides investors with monthly statements and will sell the diamonds for investors whenever they desire an exit. Raiman Rocks also provides alert services, wherein they will notify investors (or their financial managers) of specific targets, for example an investor may wish to be notified if they have the opportunity to exit with a 25% gain.

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