Specializing in Large and Fancy Colored Diamonds

Investment Diamonds

Investment Diamonds


Raiman Rocks trades in certificated diamonds with strong market value and consistent demand, operating under the guidance of experienced diamond trading experts and supplying diamonds to a wide variety of US and international customers, including luxury brands, retailers and private individuals.

We are proud to presents a unique opportunity for investors to participate in realizing the significant potential returns achieved by trading in diamonds

Raiman Rocks can offer investors even better returns than traditional diamond trading due to the expertise of our Asset Manager, Mr. Gall Raiman who is using an active trading strategy based on a unique system the company has developed called RRID (Raiman Rocks Investment Diamonds)

Here are 5 key facts about RRIDs:

LOW RISK, HIGH SECURITY – RRIDs are carefully hand-selected by Raiman Rocks based on a unique set of attributes that qualify them as being Raiman Rocks investment grade diamonds. This limited and highly-elite class of diamonds has not gone down in value for over 25 years and includes both high quality colorless diamonds and natural fancy colored diamonds.

AGGRESSIVE GROWTH POTENTIAL – Dealing with rare and natural fancy color diamonds gives Raiman Rocks an edge over traditional diamonds trade. The demand for natural color diamond exceeds the supply by far and natural color diamonds have a very strong potential for vast profits. As the Argyle mine only produces a handful of pink investment quality diamonds a year and demand is growing dramatically, prices for a pink can reach the levels of blues and greens which are in the 7 figure levels.

HIGH LIQUIDITY – RRID’s offer a high degree of liquidity: some of the Investments options offer a fast turnaround venue and investors can exit though a uniquely designed profit scale, offering different profit share according to length of time.  However, diamonds are very liquid in their nature as demand exceeds supply, a fact that enables the company to take fast action as soon as the right selling price was reached.

TANGIBLE ASSET– Risk is further mitigated by the fact that Raiman Rocks takes physical possession of GIA certified diamonds, which they keep in their own safe deposit box. Diamonds are insurable and can be immediately transported and sold anywhere in the world, if need be.

FULL SERVICE INVESTMENT – Raiman Rocks provides investors with monthly statements and reports and has developed a unique on line program as a way for investors to truck their diamonds investments. Raiman Rocks also provides alert services, wherein they notify investors of specific targets that had been reached or other alerts investors choose to monitor.


Raiman Rocks Investors will benefit from an asset class which has limited supply and increasing global demand. Polished diamond prices have increased by at least 100% since 2004 and this looks set to continue

We at Raiman Rocks, are very proud to be carrying on the traditions of innovation, initiative and drive that are an essential part of our legacy.


Diamonds are not just beautiful, but rare; diamond demand is way ahead of supply and the supply gap is likely to reach 36% by 2020, making diamonds an exclusive low risk method for an alternative investment choice.

There has been increased interest in alternative asset classes and diamonds globally have outperformed the FTSE 100 since 2006 by around nine to one, encouraged also by emerging markets, such as India and China.

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