The Desire for Pink Diamond Jewelry


Natural Pink Diamonds are the most sought after fancy colored diamond for many reasons. They are romantic, passionate and fashionable finds! Pink diamonds range in color intensities from a blush pink, to a very intense pink color. The more intense the color of the diamond, the higher the price and more valuable.

A natural pink diamond that has a rich and pure pink color, graded as a Fancy Vivid Pink, is exceptionally more expensive than a Light Pink or even a Fancy Pink Diamond.

Natural Fancy Colored diamonds can have a secondary color or overtone which affects their price. Whether the presence of a secondary color in pink diamonds positively or negatively influences the diamonds’ price depends on that secondary color. A pink diamond that is classified as a Fancy Brownish Pink is going to be more affordable than a Fancy Purplish Pink because the presence of brown color in diamonds is more common than purple.

The current world record for the most expensive pink diamond goes to an extremely rare 15.38 carat pear-shaped pink diamond — called the ‘Unique Pink’ — that sold for $31.6 million at Sotheby’s in Geneva in May 2016, making it the most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond ever to sell at auction.

Another notable Pink diamond, “The Sweet Josephine,” a 16.08-carat cushion cut Fancy Vivid Pink, sold during Christie’s Geneva sale of Magnificent Jewels on 10 November, 2015, for US$28.5 million dollars.

And yet another great pink diamond sold at Sotheby’s auction was “The Historic Pink,” a 8.72-carat cushion brilliant-cut Fancy Vivid Pink diamond ring that sold for US$15.9 million, on May 12, 2015, once again showing the buying power of natural pink diamonds.

With auction prices and demand continuing to soar while supply is diminishing, the desire for natural fancy pink diamond jewelry is going to continue to grow.

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Doriane Ray