How to Clean Diamond Jewelry?


How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

You are probably wondering how often you should clean your diamond ring, diamond earrings, or diamond bracelet. It is preferable for diamond jewelry to be cleaned professionally at least once or twice a year. For those who wear their jewelry constantly and are very active in the kitchen and outdoors we recommend to have their jewelry cleaned and inspected for safety more frequently.

However, In between professional cleanings, diamond jewelry can be cleaned easily at home using common household ingredients. This can once a week for ultimate results if you want your diamond jewelry to always be sparkling and clean.


What You’ll Need to Clean Diamond Jewelry – the do it yourself solution

Despite widely dispersed suggestions of using agents such as toothpaste and baking soda to clean diamond jewelry, it is best to stick with simpler substances. All you need is a small or medium-sized bowl depending on the amount of jewelry you would like to clean, some warm water, dishwashing soap, a clean soft toothbrush, and a clean soft towel. Additionally, you will want about twenty to forty minutes for the jewelry to soak, and a few extra minutes for prep and cleanup.


Steps of Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

  1. Prepare a cleaning solution: Fill the bowl with warm water and ad some dishwashing liquid.

  2. Mix the solution, place the jewelry inside the bowl and allow it to soak for thirty minutes.

  3. Then, using a soft, clean toothbrush, gently brush the jewelry, especially the crevices.

  4. Once brushed, rinse the jewelry with warm running water.

  5. Pat dry the jewelry with a clean soft cloth. Or allow them to air dry.


When you are in Calabasas, please visit our showroom and we will be happy to clean your Diamond jewelry in our ultrasonic machine as a curtesy to you.


Professional diamond ring cleaning in an ultrasonic bath

Professional diamond ring cleaning in an ultrasonic bath