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Above and Beyond Quality

Raiman Rocks is a recognized wholesale leader in the color diamond trade market.

Our vast connections with prime diamond manufactures all over the world,

position us in a strategic advantage of being able to get the right diamond for the unique customer’s needs.

We take pride in being privileged to deal with exquisite rare colored diamonds

and becoming an industry leader in this specialized high-end niche.

It is our flawless integrity and outstanding customer support that enable us to deal with the best jewelry stores in the world over and over again.

Raiman Rocks team

Gall & Galit Raiman

Cultivating Sparkling Relationships

When you order from us, whether it's your first or tenth time, you become part of our family. 

We hope that your purchase from us becomes the first of many. 

Gall Raiman, who founded the company in 2006, has led a successful diamond and jewelry manufacturing business

for 20 years prior to specializing in fancy color diamonds.

Today, Mr. Raiman’s associations and skills enable him to assess and purchase the finest diamonds at the lowest possible prices,

passing on significant value to buyers.

We at Raiman Rocks are proud to propose a selection of natural colored diamonds, carefully selected from the vast stock to which we have access.


Our Promise

We promise to treat our clients with the honesty and respect they deserve.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our jewelry and we want our clients to feel the same pride

when wearing the glimmering pieces from our designs. 

We will help you choose your dream diamond from our collection, find your next investment diamond,

or work to get you any specific color, cut and size that you may need.

We hope you will be a part of our family for many years to come.

Gall & Galit Raiman

Gall Raiman Master Gemologist GIA certified

Meet the owner & master gemologist

Gall Raiman

Gall Raiman’s passion for diamonds began in 1984 when he first earned his GIA and AGS certificates.

Since that time, Gall has mastered the techniques and trends that are driving high-end diamond jewelry design and jewelry manufacturing.

Gall has established relationships with the finest diamond sources around the globe from South Africa to Belgium, to Israel and India.

For over a decade, he has built and managed high-end jewelry manufacturing facilities at the heart of the diamond district in Downtown Los Angeles, where fine diamonds and diamond jewelry were distributed to high-end jewelry retailers across America.

At Raiman Rocks, Gall Raiman has mastered the Large, Rare, Investment Grade, Natural Fancy Colored Diamond market through

flawless integrity, expert knowledge, non-compromised value and exceptional service.


“My goal is to give every client insightful and intelligent advice, get them the best value possible, and serve professionally with the utmost integrity.”

– Gall Raiman